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• 7/6/2018

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• 2/17/2017


What's your most hated trend and why?
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• 2/17/2017


What is your favorite game? And what's your favorite activity in that game?
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• 2/16/2017

(CYOA) (One Person Allowed) The Murder

You're character: Naomi Richards

You're at your locker when you open it, you get a note.
What do you do?
A) Attend the Part
B) Do not attend
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• 2/15/2017


As of now, you can now RP on chat, PM only though, as a bonus I may make a RP board. If theres not already.
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• 2/13/2017


Have you been blocked from any wikia before? If so, why?
Edit: I am currently blocked from the Yan-Sim Fanon Wikia.
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• 2/13/2017


Hey guys! The user FUNG1RLD0TTXT got IP banned, that includes my ban for a day, and I was blocked along with FUNG1RL, so I am now blocked from the yan-sim wikia for today, I'll be unblocked tommorow.
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• 2/11/2017


If you were to get your dream house, what would it look like and how many bedrooms and bathrooms?
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• 2/10/2017


Since the wiki is in good standings right now, you can now make your own OCs.
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• 2/10/2017


There hasn't been alot of forum activity going on and QOTW hasn't been on in a while. So I decided to make the 2nd one.
Do you guys like or hate school.
My answer: I hate school.
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• 1/4/2017

Making a fan game for Pat's Party Place?

Should we? I put this here because... Well... It's a game.
It would be just kinda like a game where you just build up party status over time, upgrade your home so it's more party-Esque, ect, until you become party God. Pat would guide you through the start of the game.
Should we do that?
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• 12/26/2016


Merry Christmas guys! What did you get for christmas?
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• 9/12/2016

What do you think about Slendytubbies 1 and 2?

That´s it.If you are interested, we could play together :) (yayyy... :3)
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