This page is currently WIP. users are free to add song links (ex: YouTube or SoundCloud or something) that they can play in ambiance while they read or just listen for fun.


Any time music is added, we will review it to make sure it is appropriate (doesn't contain profanity or sexual content for example). Here is the full set of rules:

  • To add music, we reccomend you have a vot for if the song is good enough or popular enough, or atleast type in the comments.
    • When music IS added, please note when it becomes outdated or the link becomes invalid with an italics "THIS LINK IS NO LONGER VALID" note.
  • When adding music, consider the visual marks if it is a video.
  • DO NOT LINK RANDOM VIDEOS! It confuses users and is a hassle to clean up!


All music goes here. Be sure to read the RULES just above before adding the music.

RetroVision - Heroes by NCS

Laszlo - One Step Away by NCS

Sayonara Maxwell - Undertale - Megalovania Dual [Remix]

NateWantsToBattle - "Want You Gone" From Portal 2 Remix