Hello guys! This is MisterClover talking here, and this is the simple guide for RPing. This is to reduce the amount of HORRIBLE RPers on this follow wikia (Follow of Fanon Yandere Simulator)

Who do we RP with

If you want anyone to join your RP then go to the Roleplay Board and create a title and a story and there.

If you want a 2 person RP, then go on chat with a friend, PM them and you can RP with them on Live chat

How do we RP?

Well first your going to need an OC, either create one here or the Fanon Wikia or pick one from the Fanon Wikia or here. Look at the OC Rules as well.

Then once you've created an RP you need to know how to RP, look at the RP rules before you continue on.

Talking is simple you can either do it the book way: "Words" Said MasterCover

Or this way: MasterCover: Words.

Now please don't do this: words said mastercover Or mastercover:words

So please learn how to capitalize, spell, and use quotation marks/colons.

Now for Actions you can do it this way: MasterCover teaches people how to RP

Or this: MasterCover: *teaches people how to RP*

What is RPing for?


How do we make OCs

Think up of a character and create a page about it, if you need help, contact PumpkinHero2, or MasterCover. CYA